Challenge yourself


Talks, Guest Lectures, and Individual Coaching


Following an international career in management within the hospitality industry, Alexander became interested in the leadership challenges he had faced and experienced. Returning to University to obtain an MRes and a leadership focussed MBA provided the much needed academic foundation and context within which to explain his experiences.

The natural continuation of this journey was to work on honing his leadership and business strategy stills which Alexander now shares with his audiences. These come from a varied background from students embarking on their first experience of the subject, leaders in sporting situations looking for performance gains by better understanding their role in supporting others, to international organisations. In addition, Alexander also works one-on-one with people looking for more personalised leadership development.

Alexander is an internationally active guest speaker and guest lecturer on the subject of leadership and business strategy but also works one-on-one with those looking to further develop and understand their leadership abilities.



Five ideas for good leaders

A frequent request that comes up is to give a piece of advice to those aspiring to improve their leadership. Based on experience, conversations with leaders and research, I encourage you to think about - and act upon - these five ideas. Some are meant as a challenge to yourself. You should however not feel bad if a challenge is not met, it is much more more about trying your best to accomplish these challenges as frequently as possible.