Alexander Stanley


For nearly eight years I have been living in St Andrews. Originally I came to this quaint little Scottish University town for my MRes (management) at the University of St Andrews. Since then I have maintained close ties with the University - be it through teaching, non academic work (stewardship / development of leadership courses),and also research and project work. I also completed my MBA with the Open University during this time.

My main research interests focus on leadership, entrepreneurship, and business strategy. In addition I have studied and done work relating to academic teaching and module design. More recently I was awarded funding for research into high growth firms and also awarded Scholarships by Santander and the Russell Trust for travel in connection with this research.

Several of the projects I have been involved with have also resulted in publications:

Funding issues confronting high growth SMEs in the UK

Brown, R. C. & Lee, N. 24 Jun 2014 Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland.


- Reluctant borrowers? Examining the demand and supply of finance for high growth SMEs in the UK
Brown, R. C. & Lee, N. 19 Jul 2017 Edinburgh: Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland.

I am always interested to hear about new project ideas and constantly on the look out for interesting future collaborations and projects. Please feel free to use the contact form below to get in touch if you have any suggestions, questions, or are interested in future collaborations.

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