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I enjoy taking pictures, especially outdoors. If you are prepared to wrap up warm and stand in the freezing cold, wind blowing in your face during the middle of the night, then you know what I am on about. For me, night time is the most amazing challenge, as light (both natural and artificial) and long exposures add an exciting additional element that you can use to create your images.

 About me


Email:                                      Phone:  0044 (0)775 140 58 02

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I mainly use Canon equipment. Not necessarily because it is the best - I think most of the main companies in the market make pretty decent gear. At some stage you simply have to make a decision (think compatibility, it also helps if you are familiar with the menu and settings with your camera and that is easier if you stick to one brand).

When I got my first SLR camera at 16 (an analogue Canon EOS film camera) it set me off on the path I have taken and being able to use lenses / shutter releases etc. with subsequent cameras, as well as a certain degree of familiarity with the menu and camera behaviour have been the reward for sticking with Canon.



Canon EOS 60d (+ RS60-E3 cable release)


Manfrotto MT190XPRO4 (+ 498RC2 tripod head)

Previous cameras include:

Canon EOS (analogue film camera)

Canon EOS 400d


- Canon EFS 10-18mm

- Canon EFS 18-200mm


HMC UV, Circular PL (polarization), Neutral Density (ND8), Cross Screen / Star 6

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