Based in Quebec, Canada, the 'mira' foundation does some amazing work in breeding, training, and ultimately giving guide dogs to people who need them. This includes guide dogs for visually impaired, assistance dogs for those needing support for motor disabilities, and dogs to children who present on the autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Visit their site at to find out more about them and to donate to this great cause.

Many requests for dogs of course means many puppies, lots of puppies. As a result numerous volunteers act as hosting families giving the very young puppies a warm, homely environment to start growing up in before the dogs are old enough to embark on their training. This of course gives us the opportunity for lots of cute, and playful puppy pictures...

The below links are for special project catalogues. They mostly include a much greater number of pictures that have been taken for a particular event, theme or idea. As with any pictures on my website, please contact me directly if you are interested in purchasing prints or using any of my pictures.

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Special Projects

Keeping with the animal theme, this project is about other animal pictures. Thus far the gallery includes photographs from the 'Zoo Sauvage de Saint-Félicien' in Quebec, Canada.

In order to give the main target audience of each project more choice of pictures, I have at times been less selective about which pictures are uploaded (so expect some duplicates or multiple images with recurring themes). Some of the galleries may also be password protected to ensure that the content can only be viewed by those whom it is intended for (they are marked as "private" in their title). All other, accessible projects are open for everyone to have a look at and enjoy.

I love sailing. Sometimes I am fortunate enough to get invited to join some friends out on the water. Most of these pictures are taken at the eastern coast of Scotland.